Mary & Bert

Casey and I decided our costumes this year had to be epic. We went back and forth on several ideas, but finally decided to be Mary Poppins and Bert, the Chimney Sweep. Most of what we made our costumes from we owned already, but we had a lot of luck at Savers and Amazon finding the other pieces.

We had a great party at Casey's sister's house last night with our friends and family. I put together a cheese-ball appetizer that looked like a spider using candycorn and chocolate Twizzlers for the legs.


The Halloween Craft Corner

Hi, again.

My sisters-in-law bonded together last weekend while we crafted a Halloween wreath for a few hours. It sounded super easy, but my poor hands were a bit blistered by the end of all the felt cutting. I sprayed my wreath with some fabulous multi-colored glitter to finish it off. 


the treasure hunter


My friends know how much I love "old junk" that has a story. Today I found a new favorite vintage treasure.

While at Gardner Village today for lunch, I found a booth at their market called Time and Time Again — They make jewelry out of recycled vintage pieces, a dream come true! The collection created by a mother and daughter team commanded my attention. I literally picked up almost every piece on display looking for a connection to one that I could take home. Well, I found one that spoke [French] to me. My husband was a gem to hand-model it for me.

This little beauty showcases a brass vintage French laundry tag that is, in my words, to die. The chain and bead hardware is also recycled. Isn't it fabulous? I excitedly wore it the latter half of the day, and no, i'm not sharing, but click here to get your own. 

peculiar people; perfection.

It's LDS Conference Weekend, again. Mormons really are a peculiar people. My sweet-love and I decided to go to the morning session with his sister and her husband. We enjoyed being there, as always, and we were excited to be there for the historic announcement of missionary work and the age change from President Monson. I love our Prophet.

Life is more simple, and great joy is found in heavy measure when common goals and gratitude are shown, in numbers singular, small, or large, like the saints show during Conference Weekend. Inspiration is everywhere. Faith great or small will change our lives for good.

Our cousin, Adam Record, released his General Conference Bingo app today, too. It's free!

Be a better person today and have hope for tomorrow. 


Kitchen Creation

hi, again.

I've been getting creative in the kitchen lately, and my love of creating healthy beautiful foods are growing. I never really got into cooking until I decided to be married. It has been a pleasant surprise to everyone who thought I was cooking inept — but also a bonus to my husband and friends. I actually did come preprogramed with a slight skill level.. yum!

The Sprouted Kitchen sits on my bedside table. It is a lovely, beautifully designed book with many delicious ideas. The Smitten Kitchen is pre-ordered, and on its way to me for my birthday, too.

Here is the dish I made the other night: Fresh Tilapia, with lemons, chives and sea salt, served with sautéed asparagus, onions, and a pink lady apple. It was delicious.


Eargasm — musically

So, hi.

I have become engulfed by Tristan Prettyman's Cedar + Gold album the last few days. I literally listened my way through it 4 times at work the day it was released. After that experience, I can officially compare it to the handful of Halloween candy I have just indulged in, minus the guilt, of coursesimply delicious. Highlights of the effort include Come Clean, I Was Gonna Marry You, & Never Say Never (sadly, not the 90's Brandy remake — classic). She is hot, too, which is a plus to only add to her talent. 

[Spoken from Never Say Never:]
I may never understand why you left
I guess I just have to accept this is the way it was meant to be
Kind of like how I never understood how the ocean just stops at the shore
And why it doesn't wash away the land
If only someone could hold my heart and my hand
And make it feel like you did, and not give up so easy
There's no need to be angry, it's okay to be sad
I just have to trust there's something better for me out there swirling around in the universe
Someone who will believe in themselves as much as I do
And never take a wish for granted and always count the stars
Looking back, you're always closer than you thought
There's no point now in starting something new
The heart wants what the heart wants
And none of it matters in the end if you can't love someone back
Love and truth are whispering, "you can't start a fire in the pouring rain"

I'll probably buy [it] just for the cover art... nerd. Spotify and iTunes have killed my tangible music collection.

Mumford and Son's new effort is equally incredible. I have been a Mumford fan for quite some time, and I am rather happy to hear that they have only envolved their signature sound. Hopeless Wanderer takes me to a place I [used to] dream about. Go there with me. Good Stuff. 

In other music news, Ke$ha's new song, Die Young, also hit the Top 40 Radio, and I must say I'm a total fan of that wacko... and it's completely worth a listen; you're welcome.


black & white kind of love

There is something so timeless and perfect about black and white. 

We are pretty romantic. 

These are some images my trendy friend Brooke Davis [blush photography] captured of us when Casey and I were married earlier this year. Since I haven't posted a thing about our wedding, I figured this would be a good start.