AIGA//SLC hatchlings 1.27.11

1.27.11 @ THE SLC LIBRARY.
HATCH DESIGN // hatchsf.com
way to represent: shaylee, james, shawn b, shawn e, petar and i attended.

so after my battle with my camera deleting all of my pictures, i gave it the one-two punch and resurrected all my files using this sweet software i found online. it worked, i got some of my pictures back, but the quality of the photos is noticeably affected. however, my anger towards my camera has subsided, and we are friends again.

james//shaylee//sara//shawn b.
katie jain//me//joel templin
sara//shawn e


life highlight #2

having friends who think what you do, and have the balls to say it out loud. behold the quote of the day:

"Maybe it's a personal statement. You're an ass and your design is shit.

life highlight #1


this is my lil beaut - vacation of my mind, eh?
last year's artist wall
my piece in the wall

this is the extent of my notes..
i hope it comes off my fair skin; if not someone is grounded.


hey, food, say cheese

so i finally uploaded these pics from the roasting company. this cake is so cute and amazing, and i think my sweet friend thought it was a little odd of me to be photographing my food, but i am odd, and i do things like that... after all, an epic orange-spice cake.

this week i'm looking forward to
look! i'm #1 on the list.
mr. barker is number 3,
seems to soon be a party 
in the slc. 

hey! it's oprah

i spy with my little eye, miss oprah winfrey.
love sundance-ing and the one guy screaming, "i love you oprah! i love OWN!"

f*** perfection

yesterday i decided to try and get in the habit of flossing, and then i flossed out my whole filling. so how i have a huge pot hole in my mouth, and my dentist isn't even there until wednesday. however there is a lesson to be learned here:  don't try so hard to do everything right; or as james victore says "f*** perfection, it's not interesting."

james victore is a loud mouthed "i-don't-give-a-shit-kind-of-guy," and last week at an AIGA event he inspired me, greatly. i love [good] design. buy his book here: 



i love Pilcro and The Letterpress <3