the song a day project - july list

july 2010
1. into the mirror - minus the bear
2. if i had you - adam lambert
3. don't let me down - automatic loveletter
4. ours - the bravery
5. be ok (acoustic) - ingrid michaelson
6. quelqu'un m'a dit - carla bruni
7. tiny light - grace potter and the nocturnals
8. rain on - woods
9. fix it - ryan adams and the cardinals
10. we're just friends - wilco
11. flume - bon iver
12. california girls - katy perry
13. winter windows - sea wolf
14. my body is a cage - the arcade fire
15. undone - the sweater song - weezer
16. quitter - carrie underwood
17. cold shoulder - adele
18. volcano - damien rice
19. daughters of sorrow - the new pornographers
20. so happy i could die - lady gaga
21. i'm on my way - yo la tengo
22. almost lover - a fine frenzy
23. paris is burning - st. vincent
24. let's be friends - emily osment
25. x&y - coldplay
26. two - ryan adams
27. undo it - carrie underwood
28. you've ruined me - norah jones
29. mr. brightside - the killers
30. sweet talk, sweet talk - the new pornographers
31. she won't be lonely long -  clay walker


clap your hands

last night i was able to attend the twilight concert downtown with some friends.
we saw the new pornographers.
they happen to be a favorite band of mine. totally rad-induced tunes.
 for those of you who don't know them, i invite you to partake.


airplanes = shooting stars

sometimes you just have to wakeup,
and remember,
that your life is abnormal,
and then continue to dream.



let's be friends - so we can makeout

we built this city on rock and roll.
english nerd.

cool concepts in this vid, yo.


rhythm's got me crazy

swing with me, baby.

thought of the week
sunday naps in the wild


fresh coat of paint

story time

i'm at lowe's. getting paint.. 
woman - super nice woman - sticks around until i am ready. she makes suggestions and is very attentive. then she mixes my paint, dabs the color on the top, gives me the mixing sticks, smiles, and tells me to have a good day..

yesterday i hit up lowe's again, this time i stand there for at least 5 minutes before someone notices me. a man. he mixes the paint and hands it to me. no little dab, no mixing stick, no nothing. 
prime example of how women are more nurturing in everything, and want to make sure that you are completely taken care of; and how men, most men, half-ass everything, and don't think outside of the box.

happy 24th, utah'ns


uno momento, por favor.

panning for dreams.. crazy as it seems.

11 happy things:

baby kittens
anthropologie sales
finding new music before anyone else
nice people
perfect fit jeans
free anything
photographic inspiration
true friends
new shoes


video of the day:
everybody knows - ryan adams


Farther versus Further - it's personal.

bubble dreams, bubble dreams.

 i still feel like i'm missing a rather large piece of me.

it's like i have misplaced something, or that i missed out on something. i feel like my mind is clouded and i am confused, and at times.. well, i feel crazy because i cannot logically make sense of what i think and how i feel; what i want, or what i need.  

i feel uncomfortable talking about myself, my hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.
i am tired.
i am aching for pieces of a dream,
i can't even pinpoint what it is i want.
it's frustrating; i am frustrated.  
i am afraid to actually want something, again - like my bubble will be popped.

i am terrified. a lot.

reset me.
peace wanted: $50 reward.


beach dreams

sometimes i have things to say that cannot be said;
at times i feel things that cannot be shared;
and every so often, i open up.

now and then it happens in my art;
regularly in lyrics of songs;
and periodically at the right time it should.

it is rare that i pen personal things here anymore;
but just for today,
i have to say..
that i am blessed to feel ok today.

** thank you to the people who inspire my life on a daily basis **