Farther versus Further - it's personal.

bubble dreams, bubble dreams.

 i still feel like i'm missing a rather large piece of me.

it's like i have misplaced something, or that i missed out on something. i feel like my mind is clouded and i am confused, and at times.. well, i feel crazy because i cannot logically make sense of what i think and how i feel; what i want, or what i need.  

i feel uncomfortable talking about myself, my hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.
i am tired.
i am aching for pieces of a dream,
i can't even pinpoint what it is i want.
it's frustrating; i am frustrated.  
i am afraid to actually want something, again - like my bubble will be popped.

i am terrified. a lot.

reset me.
peace wanted: $50 reward.

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  1. found this random blog today and thought of you...


    It speaks your language.