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AIGA Design Thinking

Last night five of us from our AIGA chapter attended the Design Thinking Lecture at the Salt Lake Art Center. So much was talking about listening and observing more in our thought processes. Remembering that we [as designers] need to look outside ourselves and what we know to create something new and provoke positive new change is a reiteration of what the current push is with interactive design and prototyping for advancements. 

We see the world how we experience it and how our past dictates it for us. In order to create difference and see the world in a new perspective we must escape ourselves and take on an alias point of view to be more perceptive to the customer's motivations, wants, and needs.

As designers we have this amazing human power to conceive new ideas and experiences as well as plan and realize those ideas to come to life and serve their purpose. Design for good; design for [a better] life; design YOUR life. Let the design emerge. Let all you have be displayed "garage sale" approach and be divergent within [your] thinking.

[We] need to enjoy not knowing what the outcome will be or what the final destination is, and realize that amazing-killer-awesome design comes from a journey and a conversation within the development. What does the design/object/idea want? How do we think like a three-year-old and ask the questions that lead to the brilliant triumphant success in new creation?

Think on that.


Design Week

Design Week is going well. Salt Lake is really getting it together.. which is awesome. Although I'm looking forward to being in a bigger market. Shay and I have been representing at the AIGA events. Just look for the two hot red heads and there we will be. Follow the conversation on twitter #sldw. 
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AIGA graphic designers Shay Hoellein and Sara Brook
@ Pixels of Fury 11.14.11

Just sent my Christmas cards off to press. Be excited.



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good morning—it's noon

After 4 hours of sleep, a large Rockstar Juice, and a few inside joke moments, I think I am finally awake for the day. I am so ready for this week to be over—closer to SLC Design Week, Thanksgiving, and THE END of this semester..
So, again, I've been gone a great while.. 
Over the last few months of my blogging-on-the-internet absence I have been too busy to even turn around. School is busy, busy, and awful this semester, work is consistent, and my travel time seems to grow in excess of time and distance weekly. Living in two cities is hard, and dumb.  
I registered for my BFA thesis class this morning. The end is near. Pretty excited with my measly 12 credit hours for spring semester. I'm excited to have more time to devote to my position in AIGA and for design meditation. We shall see how I handle all the significant changes to my life within the next 6 months.
I am on a methodical journey with Ceremonials, the new Florence and the Machine effort. The layering and experimental quality paired with her amazing voice is stunning. Florence Welch is complete talent on acid, so delicious. I urge you to check it out.
Side note: I'm going to elope and marry my love affair of [amazing] typography, tomorrow. I have decided I cannot live another day without being completely intoxicated by its beauty. Check out my new professional website... www.sarabrook.com 
Cheers. Sara