AIGA Design Thinking

Last night five of us from our AIGA chapter attended the Design Thinking Lecture at the Salt Lake Art Center. So much was talking about listening and observing more in our thought processes. Remembering that we [as designers] need to look outside ourselves and what we know to create something new and provoke positive new change is a reiteration of what the current push is with interactive design and prototyping for advancements. 

We see the world how we experience it and how our past dictates it for us. In order to create difference and see the world in a new perspective we must escape ourselves and take on an alias point of view to be more perceptive to the customer's motivations, wants, and needs.

As designers we have this amazing human power to conceive new ideas and experiences as well as plan and realize those ideas to come to life and serve their purpose. Design for good; design for [a better] life; design YOUR life. Let the design emerge. Let all you have be displayed "garage sale" approach and be divergent within [your] thinking.

[We] need to enjoy not knowing what the outcome will be or what the final destination is, and realize that amazing-killer-awesome design comes from a journey and a conversation within the development. What does the design/object/idea want? How do we think like a three-year-old and ask the questions that lead to the brilliant triumphant success in new creation?

Think on that.

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