A few days ago I talked about how much I enjoy using Barnes and Noble to catch up on my gossip and be inspired in the Starbucks section. My latest adventure found some cool things I'd like to share. 
Here we have US Cosmo, UK Marie Claire, People Style Watch, UK Glamour, and US OK! - Some of my favorites..
On trend is color blocking, and another trend: using close hues in the same color family. Orange and Red = yummy warmth, but the outfit is a bit "I'm a bad receptionist who takes 3 smoke breaks, has a secret night job, and really wants to teach underprivileged children." 
I really dig her chic precision bob though - definitely looks like the work of Phillip Wilson or Nicolas French, it departs from the usual Paul Mitchell cult cutting style, and although editorial, [the hair] still holds a candle to Gaga's hair from The Fame Monster album cover. Mmm.
Mmmmmmmm... Leopard... I'm loving this. It's neutral with pop, casual, but different, and well put together from a design aspect. The shirt is as flowy on top as the skirt on the bottom, but the high waste of the skirt over the shirt creates a brilliant hourglass balance and brings the shape back in. 
The bag brings structure being square and neutral against the organic feel of the outfit, and the small accessories add personality and excitement without overloading the overall design of the outfit. I worry about the shoes, but I just am not a wedge fan... probably would opt for red toms, or a cute summer open sandal with the effect of the gold tone from the bag. Inspiration for me!
Any one who knows me, knows how much I love Kim K-dash, but Honestly, Cosmo, you couldn't think of a better title than, "How Kim Stays On Top?" How about, "Why Kim Enjoys Being On Top." - Nuf Said.
Leighton I want your trestles. Despite the fact the girl is wearing.. well what she is wearing, her hair is amazing and more visually interesting than her shattered latex dress. Officially added to my dropbox.
Oh my holy wonderful. This takes the cake. Delicious!!!!!! 


Words cannot describe how much I LOVE Katy Perry. I do believe this is my twenty-something post about her.. Again, filled with pictures and eye-candy overload. Last night was her concert at ESA and my life has been changed forever. My dear Jamie says she makes her want to be a better person, I concur, but it also makes me want to BE her.



Hi, all.. I really should tune into blog-land more, but I seem to visit about as much as you'd want in-laws to visit when your house is dirty. 
I've been listening to some really amazing music lately - the stuff that changes your life, opens your soul, and makes you feel new perspective. I'm so into Lykke Li, Bon Iver, Robyn, Pixie Lott, and Rumer lately. I'm completely obsessed with 21 still; it's nearly on daily repeat. 
In weakest moments I weep
'Cause I like the way, tears fit my cheek
In darkest moments I cry
Oh how I love the way, a tear suits my face
Just wondering... Have you ever picked up a novel at the book store based on the cool design of the cover, or the well-planned-out marketing of the title, only to read the back of the book and think, "why the hell would I want to read this - it is way too close to home.." then put [it] back upside down (and backwards) on the self and walk away feeling disgusted? Pretty sure that happens to me. 
I don't really think barnes and noble likes me much anymore, anyway, but honestly who doesn't honor online pricing at the counter when they have a "pick it up at store" option? Bad marketing.. Sorry B&N all my business has now been wrapped up in a pretty package with a gold bow and given to Amazon from now on. I will, however, continue to go in to use your bathroom with no intention of buying anything, spending an hour reading trash magazines by the stack in the Starbucks section, and taking pictures of important pages in books I will be ordering from Amazon with my phone to tide me over.
Happy 24th of July, Utah friends. May the fire(works) in your heart feel joy. I have seen so many fireworks this season with friends and loved ones, and I really like the ones that are glitter-filled (conveyed by the photo below), and I have apparently gotten past my 6-year fear of sparklers. Oh the things you can do when someone believes in you.
People in Utah are pretty silly sometimes during the holidays, especially when fireworks are at the Bee's game and families can be seen sitting on blankets on top of their cars eating McDonald's at the upper garage of the Walmart parking lot across the street from the stadium. Every time I go to Walmart I am reminded why I don't shop there.. Especially the one downtown SL where I am a minority; I never can be there alone. Yikes. This girl is a Target girl.

And now it is time for me to fall into my weekly Sunday routine. Reality TV: Big Rich Texas & Keeping Up with sweet snacks. Gotta get me some Kim. <3



I seriously love how I can meet Jamie for a 4 hour lunch so often. tradition. <3 you, lady.


Google +

I'm gonna Google + myself.

Thanks right, I think I am now on 87.4% of the social networking bandwagon. I can't wait until Google + is out of the testing trial and more people have it and we can share more information faster. Networking: favorite past time.

<3 a social network buff



Well hello, friends.
I've been absent for quite some time, but I am back. :)

I have decided having a "professional" & "personal" blog is just, well, too much. So here I am totally going against what [the man] says about not mixing the two and blending myself into an online cocktail. 

Summer has been flying by - I am totally swamped between working at Design Of Today, freelancing a crazy amount of work for several clients (new stuff will pop up soon here), and rearranging some aspects of life. 

I'm going to try to be [more of] a blog rockstar and attend to the needs of lyricallush. Maybe I'll start being more open and not so pictorial... maybe.

Here is to a fresh [new] look!

xx, sara brook