the song a day project - september 2010

september 2010

1. it's ok - land of talk
2. little by little - whitney duncan
3. e.t. -katy perry
4. this strange effect - dave berry
5. this is not a test - she & him
6. marry me - st. vincent
7. if it's true - yo la tengo
8. i'm on fire - john mayer
9. basket case - sara bareilles
10. when you were young - the killers
11. i feel it all - feist
12. folsom prison blues - johnny cash
13. one - glee cast version
14. crossfire - brandon flowers
15. parachute - ingrid michaelson
16. dog days are over - florence and the machine
17. emma pearl - john vanderslice
18. i live with you - grizzly bear
19. you love me - devotchka
20. love or poison - blonde redhead
21. use your love (cover) - katy perry
22. the co-dependent - sia
23. not in love - crystal castles
24. this is it (cardinals version) - ryan adams
25. my mirror speaks - death cab for cutie
26. lua - bright eyes
27. where's your dirty mind - avi buffalo
28. dream catch me - newton faulkner
29. hummingbird - wilco
30. movielike - jimmy eat world


dear ingrid

the sky looks pissed
the wind talks back
and you, my love
are gone

my room feels wrong;
the bed won't fit
i cannot seem to operate 
and you, my love
are gone

so glide away on soapy hills
and promise not 
to promise anymore
and if you come around again
then i will take,
then i will take
the chain from off the door

i'll never say
that i'll never love;
oh but i don't say a lot of things
and you, my love
are gone.

if you come around again
then i will take
the chain 
from off the door.

lemme hold your crown, babe