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global lift

gobal lift is a financial company in florida. butter created their logo in 2010.

taylor swift poster

c. butter 2010.

moth&bee design co.

moth&bee is an etsy store. butter designed their logo in 2010.

tshirt for saltaire farms

monster & mermaid

cereplast logo

cereplast logo submission:


c. butter 2011.

zions logo

design poster

c. butter 2010.




little monsters | illustrations


c. butter 2010.


c. butter 2011.

wanted media

"wanted media specializes in promotional products for businesses, events, high school sports, family and yes, even your ward events. whether it's for a social, event or media promotion, no doubt that it's not wanted." wanted media can be viewed herebutter designed w.m.'s logo in 2010; 3 versions.

spotted photography

spotted photography is based in utah and is directed by Paola Gautier, who is a passionate wedding photographer for the more creative couples.  |  www.spottedphotography.com |  butter redesigned spotted's logo in 2010.


quote my RSS feed from tumblr

"people who try to be poetic, deep, and say things to sound “impressive” truly bother me more than anything. [Any person] who has to tactfully prepare a calculated sentence, or use a high caliber of words [wrong], or pull an analogy out of their ass to sound like they are “special” should punch themselves in the face and pierce their tongue to their nose."

love, sarabrook


i tumbled

and i couldn't get back up...


lyricallush.com will be back in progress shortly.