the treasure hunter


My friends know how much I love "old junk" that has a story. Today I found a new favorite vintage treasure.

While at Gardner Village today for lunch, I found a booth at their market called Time and Time Again — They make jewelry out of recycled vintage pieces, a dream come true! The collection created by a mother and daughter team commanded my attention. I literally picked up almost every piece on display looking for a connection to one that I could take home. Well, I found one that spoke [French] to me. My husband was a gem to hand-model it for me.

This little beauty showcases a brass vintage French laundry tag that is, in my words, to die. The chain and bead hardware is also recycled. Isn't it fabulous? I excitedly wore it the latter half of the day, and no, i'm not sharing, but click here to get your own. 


  1. Girl that is beautiful :) where is the website to buy?

  2. Thanks for recommending us gurl! Our website is timeandtimeagain.net don't forget the net! :) So happy you love you're necklace! I get really attached to them so I am happy it went to a good home! Lol ;)