kings under lavender skies

I've been on blogging hiatus, again, due to the fact that my life is just so incredible - only kidding. 

I spent the end of my summer back in the red rocks. Three glorious hot weeks total, at separate times, enjoying Southern Utah (Vegas). I saw The Little Mermaid, twice. It reminded me how much I wish I was a mermaid... which seems to be the opposite dilemma within the story.. irony. 

When I got home, I saw Adele in SLC.. I almost fell in love and died at the same time while basking in her beauty and undeniable gift. Ah, she was better than I even imagined, SO SO SO amazing; best way to end a summer, and a chapter, not to mention Wanda-freaking-Jackson opened for her. If there was ever a time I wished Shay would have been with me, then it was. I think if Frank Zappa was her pops, and Wanda was her mom, she would still be the same person. BFF Shout out!

Lately I am completely engulfed and inspired by an old favorite, Vanessa Carlton. The brilliance within her musical progression is timeless, energetic, and mind inducing. I've been revisiting and reexamining her first 2 albums that I have had for a while after being totally embraced by her collective work in Rabbits on the Run - Carousel is magnificent in its simplicity and construction, and her emotion is in constant echo within my brain even after the tracks have finished playing. 

We will build a pole and then catch a ride 
Wrapped our love in golden twine 
We wrote 
We wrote a legacy 
Just you and me 
Just like kings under lavender 

I sat down at my piano after feeling [Vanessa's] talent run though my veins, only to be, again, disappointed that my piano is [still] out of tune - perfect pitch is a burden [of annoyance] sometimes. I have been playing more fruitfully lately, I am one who thinks, breathes, feels... though chord progression and enjoys absent brain creation.

I've still been searching for inspiration, motivation, and defined clarity much more lately - Pinterest just isn't cutting it anymore.. LOL. I feel physically bombarded and overwhelmed by the amount in my life right now; so much of that which I have chosen to try and take on (working, interning, school, AIGA, Social, C, weddings). Jenny tells me my new motto should be if you don't have time for yourself then you don't have time for anything; preach, woman.

I have, however, found a [new/familiar] spot of shade to lay in and to protect me from the damning sun. This spot has been in view for two-years, and has been within-a-short-walking-distance, and even though it took a season (or two) to finally decide that the shade could be better, calmer, more enjoyable, freeing, and protecting [of me]... I did [realize], and then I ran. I just hope my tree doesn't get cut down.

I am terrified, but I've always been in life due to the fact my mind never turns off, I am too analytical, and I "complexify" everything to the 27th power. 

Until next time.

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  1. I LOVE Vanessa Carlton. She was my favorite to play on the piano in High School. :)