production art: blood required.

today i got in a fight with an (new) x-acto knife, and lost. 

now i know what you are thinking, "aren't you supposed to watch where you slide that thing and make sure your fingers aren't in the way? (that's what... never mind)" well first off, i'm blaming henry for his sneaky way of appearing without warning, or my "food coma" - i don't really know how it happened, but (imagine this) i'm in the production room at the firm, working on some promo items for cartoon network, humming lady gaga's new song in my head, and BAM!! [my] blood. pain. crap.... everywhere.

anyway, 4 hours later i'm at dinner with casey and i was like, "it hasn't stopped bleeding.. should i worry? look at it, doesn't it look bad? ew, it's oozing..." - after a few jokes about "flesh wounds" and some other inappropriate humor trying to make fun of the situation i finally went to the instant care center where they a) re-cleaned it b) removed the hanging piece of skin (about the size of half a chocolate chip - sicknasty) c) used that magic-hurts-like-hell-damn-clotting liquid... 

it's been about an hour since i was at the doctor. my finger is still throbbing, but i'm sure i'll be ok and if i'm lucky i won't be deformed.. and it makes for good story. i'm usually good with pictures for proof, but i didn't get a chance to get a good one, or two, and it's beyond gross anyway.

<3 words of wisdom, "you better check yourself before you wreck yourself."


  1. Phew. I'm glad it's doing okay... :)

  2. sad to hear. i have done that a few times to this day i sill think about it every time i cut. no fun
    get better