paper love


  1. I don't think I ever told you this story. But, not tooo long ago, I was dating a girl who lived in Logan. Now, in Logan, there are way too many students and not enough parking on the street. And, to make things worse, all of the apartment complexes' parking lots are off-limits unless you live there or have a pass to park there. Well, it was about 8:30 on a Saturday night, and I thought, "what the heck. I'll just park in the parking lot by her door." It turned out to be a good/bad thing. When I left her house at 1:30, there was a beautiful orange envelope on my windshield. I was so taken back by how nice it looked, I even contacted the people who left the ticket to find out who made it, and how to get them. It wasn't anything really fancy, just a simple orange, manilla envelope. But, the color was so nice, and the paper quality so crisp, I hung it up on my wall for a few weeks.

    I ended up still paying the ticket. ($45 too! OUCH.)

  2. These are GREAT! I love the ideas here...makes me want to bleed creativity.