an authentic beauty; not a mask.

Ever beautiful, Kate Middleton.

A high quality woman is a woman of valueA woman of value is one who values the happiness of others, and who is considerate and who can hold her tongue

Think of what a typical low value and low quality woman looks and acts like. Usually, this kind of woman is so significance-driven that she is habitually unable to listen, to care for or to help others. Typically, this kind of woman makes you cringe because she gives the female gender a bad name. She may even frustrate you with anger because you simply can’t get a word in and let’s face it, it’s HARD being around someone who doesn’t care about you at all.

A woman of low value has such a low sense of self-worth that it’s impossible for her to perceive what life is like from another angle other than her own. She’s too in to herself! She is selfish and completely insecure. It’s very much a case of ‘the empty vessel makes the most noise’.

Here is what a high quality woman is NOT: She is not someone who is constantly sucking value from others or pushing people down to get her way.

A classy woman doesn’t fake happiness; nor does she broadcast her happiness.

You cannot be classy unless you are true to yourself, you CANNOT be true to yourself if you don't know who you are. A classy woman is AUTHENTIC.To actually be authentic, you must value being authentic more than you value having another kind of ‘identity'

Women who choose something (or someone) to represent themselves have this problem. Say someone who tells everyone how "Christ-like," giving, or compassionate they are - usually are nothing like that. It is an identity they take on to 1) look more credible 2) cover a personal deep insecurity. 

Many younger as well as middle-aged women simply let themselves go. In other words, they start to value themselves less. They get fat, stop combing or styling their hair nicely (or cut it in to a short style that their husband hates), stop making the time to exercise, eat well or socialize. Letting your appearance go can sometimes be a tell tale sign that you habitually feel bad about yourself, your life. or that you don’t care about yourself, which negates classThis also shows laziness.

A classy woman "Walks the walk and talks the talk," carries herself with grace and poise, takes time on her appearance, is selfless, smart, and never gives an "empty vessel" more than a laugh. 

Finally, a high quality woman radiates with light and confidence that is seen and not heard. She can except that she is flawed, but she has a drive to make herself better. A high class woman is real, wanted, and feared by that which is the opposite.


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