tenuousness // "very noble," said the beast.

extraordinary // fall is for folk music
it's very rare that i will sit here and write a blurb that is not accompanied by really-awesome visual stimulants. i've been so busy that i haven't had enough time to really throw myself into lush and my other creative projects. for the twenty-something people who read this, and the rest of the visitors that pop in from time to time, just thought i'd say hey.

aren't the colors outside so warm and trendy to the feeling of the thanksgiving month? it's like this visual transfiguration that happens almost without notice. one day you are driving and it's green and semi-dull, and the next minute you are overcome with the richness in the colors of fall. 

autumn is my very favorite time of year. something about a green tree changing into something golden; giving all that it has left to be noticed before the snowfall. [the tree] goes out with a bang of rich pigment that transcends into my fall wardrobe inspiration and just makes me smile.

guitar solo!

some people eat their feelings when they are majorly stressed, i on the other hand, blast the jams though my earbuds and flip the world the bird - like a chickadee (not an offensive bird such as a magpie). 

one thing i love more than anything about design school is the freedom to listen to music basically all the time. i love how Ms. Amy has a keen appreciation for the goodies // the velvet underground, andrew bird, neko case... no wonder we jive. the group of people we have cultivated this semester only feeds my ever present addiction to music. i think i'll bring suckers to class to show my appreciation - or thanksgiving. side note: anyone else displeased with the new kings of leon LP?  

well my day is packed. lunch @ bluelemon // music store // hanging out with tara mcpherson - No Big Deal. 

love and lollypops off broadway,
sara brook

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