michael eckersley // i heart you

tonight i had the pleasure of attending a seminar-chit-chat with michael eckersley - who is an interactive design principle and a pretty cool guy. my job is about what is going to happen, not what has happened. He was fabulous, and I feel somewhat more inspired than i was earlier. watch a sweet video here.

"the things that irritate you, anger - or dissatisfaction at the very least - play such an important role in motivating what we do [as designers]." //marc newson

winter is to colds; colds are to bad
i feel a cold coming on, so i am medicating myself with my vitaminwater zero, complete with airborn tablet, and i just finished a zicam. side note: orange flavor is a-o.k.

quick illustrations of the last week

and on a final note:

remember to be like a child - they get toys like this!


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