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this is such a pet peeve of mine. 

Teenage Dream -Katy Perry
Reviewed by fallenxmuse
08) E.T. - 3/5 
"E.T." has a very catchy beat. It's almost hypnotic. Then you actually listen to the lyrics and think "WTF???" The alien lyrics ruin the song for me. If there were better word choices (aliens are NOT sexy), the song would be much better.

dear "fallenxmuse",

you must be the most pedestrian of all music listeners. Top 40 and humdrum is indeed your forte. This review shows your lack of depth and average-ocity. This song isn't about an "alien", it's about how the love is alien, foreign, and how she wants to be "infected" with the feelings she feels for someone who is completely different from everyone else. "Boy, you're an alien Your touch so foreign - It's supernatural - Extraterrestrial" I know, surprise, surprise, it is not about the actual E.T. "It has a catchy beat" is not a music review.

sincerely, sbrooke

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