pearls, twine and dine.

a little more personal
name: sara brooke
sign: scorpio
student of illustration (and inspiration)
likes: lace, polka-dots, gold, shoes, music, girly things
hates: posers, pickles, velvet, & "construction zone" orange
favorite color(s): yellow & pink
flower: peony then tulip
loves: katy perry, zooey deschanel, & anne hathaway
listens to: brandi carlile, wilco, & damien rice
is independent in taste, politics, and movies
enjoys: becoming, changing, feeling
 {the only female member of the dewskis}
sucker for: fashion, vintage, & treats
thinks penn badgley is beyond fine
longs for: a puppy, a european vacation, 
{true} bliss

is currently: in relaxation/creation/organization mode

♥ sbrooke

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