healing passage #1

A few weeks ago i escaped death. There is no reason i should still be alive, but for some reason I am still here, and god's angels surrounded and protected me.

Although my body is in one piece and i am healing, a lot of me is still in pieces emotionally this christmas. I didn't see my life playing out and crashing down on me how it has this year. I have never felt pain so deeply as i have during 2009. There is this rather large chunk of me that still feels completely broken, terrified, angry, and breathless...... but no longer do tears drop daily on the keys, with my fingers dodging the puddles. i am beginning to breathe and (re)learn that though trials and adversity something that stays true about me - that the only thing that is whole for sure is my love for the temple, and my savior - [in the temple] i try to seek answers. A peace comes where i can seem to gather enough strength to get through the days, and each morning begin again to "pick up the broken pieces of the dream i once had."

someone catch me.


  1. i love you as do many others. I'm grateful for your friendship and you being closer than just a friend, like a long lost sister I finally met after 23 years. I proud of your strength, your heart is in the right place. God loves you and wants you to be happy. that is all that matters.

  2. I'm glad you escaped death, and I hope that everything is ok with you. If you need anything you let me know. I'm here for you sara!